Tips to Live By

Stay Safe Skills












1. Do not download anything from the internet unless you absolutely must!
(Limewire, Torrent Downloads a NO NO)

2. If a web site says it needs to download something in order for the site to work or for you to get what you need to get, ask yourself if you really need to do it? If you can get by without it, do it. If you need a player, go to the web site where the player originates. For example, go to for the most recent version of Flash.

3. Don’t open any attachments in email unless you are expecting them and they are from people you know.
(Even this may fail, so you must SCAN E-mail messages before you open them)

4. Don’t click any links in email. Go the web site in question via your web browser by typing the web address yourself. Turning off html email will solve this.

5. When you get a “pop-up,” use Task Manager to close it.
(Press "Ctrl, Alt, Delete" and end the Process)

6. Back up your data to more than one medium. It’s only a matter of time before your hard drive fails.


7. Keep Windows up to date by allowing auto update to run.

(Especially update Adobe Flash Player and Java as frequent)

8. Don’t install any software you don’t really need.

(Mozilla Firefox is a very Secure Browser Highly Recommended)

9. Don’t trust web sites. Stick to big consumer web sites to buy things like instead of

10. Top Reason to combat Viruses "Scan your computer OFTEN".
(Set Daily scans of protection programs)



1. Turn on your Firewall.
(Most Anti-virus Programs have there own, use theirs)

2. Use a router.

3. Have an up-to-date Computer and Antivirus Programs.
(Biggest reason for getting infected, next to clicking on bad links and downloading)

4. Use Windows XP or above.

5. If using WiFi, make sure to use WPA authentication with AES encryption and a strong password that is not guessable or a single word.

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