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DC Jack Repair Minneapolis and Saint Paul

Is your Laptop Power Jack Broken?




Symptoms is as follows, but not a full diagnosis








1. Can you wiggle and jiggle the power cord in the back of the laptop?

 (It shouldn't be loose)


2. Laptop won't keep a power connection?

(Just when you find that right spot)


3. Laptop doesn't power up?

 (But ran off battery power for a while, then died)



DC/POWER Jack Repair/Replacement -PC (includes part typically) $85

(Specialty parts may be needed and may be extra)



Mac and PC Laptop Repairs

 Laptop Repair and Diagnosis 




Full diagnostic and testing of your computer.

(Fee is waived if you opt to proceed with necessary repairs) 







Hardware Upgrades

Hardware Upgrades



Memory, Modem, Wi-Fi Upgrades - PC


(Mac may be different depending the Level of the Upgrade)









Data Recovery 55104

Low Cost Data Recovery



Software based Data Recovery











Custom Computer Building

Custom Computer Building


Custom Computer Built

(Includes the Build and OS Install)



Custom Computer Built with THE WORKS

(This service includes the Build, OS Install

Software Install, Data Transfer, In-Home Setup for $25 Trip Fee)





(Free Consultation and Wish List Just tell us your needs)



Motherboard Repair and Replacement

Motherboard Repair and Replacement




Replacement of Motherboard



Repair of Motherboard







Full Service List



FREE 5 min assessment in shop


All Services include FREE Cleaning of Internal/External Components



On-Site Service Starting at $99.99 (+ $25 Trip fee)

Additional Devices (Printer, Wireless Router etc...) $40


Now offering Yearly Remote Service contracts

4 Times Remote Login 

(Internet Connection required) $160 






DC/Power Jack Repair/Replacement (includes part typically) - PC



LCD Repair/Replacement - PC and Mac



Hard Drive/Upgrade Replacement w/OS Reinstall - PC and Mac



Motherboard Repair (e.g. Video Chip, Component Level Repairs) - PC



Motherboard Replacement - PC and Mac



Keyboard Replacement - PC and Mac

PC=$40  Mac=$75


Cleaning of Internal/External Components - PC and Mac








Virus/Spyware Removal (Free PC Tune-Up $50 Value) - PC



Memory, Modem, Wi-Fi Hard Drives Upgrades - PC and Mac



OS & Driver Reinstall  (with new or existing drive) - PC and Mac



Data Backup - (basic docs, pics, data file backup) - PC and Mac



Software Based Data Recovery - PC and Mac



Software Installs (non OS) - PC and Mac



Password Removal - PC



PC Tune-up - PC



Custom Computer Builds (Tell us your needs OS Install and Build) - PC



Custom Computer Builds (This includes OS Install, Build, Data Transfer, Software Installs, In-Home Setup for $25 Trip Fee)







Call us for a quote 






Full diagnostic and testing of your computer.  Fee is waived if you opt to proceed with necessary repairs






Full price for service with highest cost, then we MAX out with any additional service (parts not included). 

Maximum $129.99




We Service All major Brands of PC's and Mac's


  Travis: (612) 998-9485


9059 Blaisdell Ave. S.

 Bloomington, MN 55420 


Most Flexible Hours:



Anytime I'm Available

So Please Call First



By Appt. 

We can do remote Support so you don't have to go no where. As long as you can get on the internet I can fix most software issues from my office.

$50 per 1 session or you can buy a maintenance contract that gives you 4 remote sessions for $160.  Great for simple and possible virus issues whatever you want to resolve.